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Day 4: 100 fun, interesting and relatively easy to complete adventures for your “bucket list”

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Buckets and Spades by Linda Cronin

I’m not a huge fan of bucket lists. We always seem to pack them full of these huge, extreme adventures. We get excited and write down all these amazing things to do and see…but then life gets in the way, (as always) and a year later we’re reviewing our list and getting depressed because we haven’t even taken the first step toward backpacking around Europe or running a marathon. The list becomes more of a wish list, rather than an Adventures to-Do List, which can be so, so painful and stunting when we’re just beginning to reclaim our Moxie.

When you’re teaching a child their first concepts in math, you don’t automatically throw them advanced algebra, do you? That would set them up for failure. Doesn’t your baby Moxie deserve the same chance at greatness? All advanced mathematicians began by learning to add 1 apple plus 1 apple…your newly developing Moxie needs adventures it can experience now, to build up it’s confidence. So by all means put that “solo sea-kayaking around the world trip” on that list of yours….but make sure you also include “Research marine safety” and “Sign up for kayaking lessons” on there too, if you’ve never been out in boat before. :)

So here’s a totally random, completely out of order bunch of “little step” things based more or less on things from my own Adventure To-Do list.  Use them to get you started, and feel free to offer up your own in the comments!

100 fun, interesting and relatively easy to complete adventures for your “bucket list”

  1.  Sign up for a Couch to 5k program
  2. Explore trails (urban or wilderness) in your area
  3. Sign up for a dance class
  4. Go horseback riding
  5. Spend the night stargazing
  6. Learn a new craft
  7. Sign up for a language class
  8. Write a poem
  9. Sign up for ski lessons
  10. Plant a small container garden
  11. Sign up for a team sport
  12. Read *That Book* you’ve always meant to read
  13. Learn to swim again
  14. Go for a bike ride
  15. Take a martial arts class
  16. Learn the basic courtesy words in as many languages as possible (hello, goodbye, please, thank you, excuse me and I’m sorry)
  17. Try playing a new instrument
  18. Go to a free outdoor concert by yourself
  19. Try rock climbing
  20. Take the train on an overnight adventure
  21. Ride a go-kart, atv or dirt bike
  22. Ride a farris wheel/roller coaster/scrambler at the fair.  By yourself…not b/c your kids need you to go with them
  23. Go to the zoo
  24. Enjoy the museum
  25. Visit a “tourist trap” in your area…but visit with the eyes of a tourist, not the cynacism of a local
  26. Use a pogo stick
  27. Learn a cool card trick
  28. Fly a kite
  29. Make a soap carving
  30. Bake a loaf of bread
  31. Learn how to tie a few good knots
  32. Learn how to change your own oil/tires/brake pads
  33. Learn to build a fire without matches or a lighter (Even cooler if you do it without a flint kit either)
  34. Take a first aid/cpr class
  35. Learn where the major constellations are, and when you can see each one
  36. Stay up and watch a meteor shower
  37. Find a “go-to” recipe that everyone loves, feeds a lot of people and is fairly simple and inexpensive to make for parties, barbeques and pot lucks
  38. Make your own wine, flavoured spirits or beer
  39. Paint a picture
  40. Learn to juggle
  41. Start a collection of cool things you love
  42. Paint a room in your house
  43. Consider going back to school
  44. Research debt elimination programs
  45. Camp over night on your own. (It’s okay to do this at a public campground…or even the back yard if you need to work up to big solo adventures)
  46. Refinish an old piece of furniture
  47. Plant an herb garden
  48. Put together a 72 hour kit
  49. Meditate daily…even if it’s just for 5 minute
  50. Volunteer *somewhere*
  51. Donate Blood
  52. Try geocaching
  53. Learn to drive something cool (bus, truck, motorcycle…plane)
  54. Learn a *great* campfire story
  55. Join a local amature theater company
  56. Learn the basics of orienteering
  57. Let go of something that just. isn’t. working.
  58. Learn to lift weights.  Get stronger
  59. Go out for dinner, and or a movie…or even just a quick coffee all by yourself
  60. Try a food you’ve always wondered about, but never tried
  61. Join a local choral society
  62. Create a wicked Halloween Costume (Bonus points if you actually wear it somewhere)
  63. Pay more attention to “the little voice” inside your head
  64. Research something that interests you
  65. Learn to make something cool in origami
  66. Attend a rally for something you believe in
  67. Go on a picnic
  68. Improve your flexiblity
  69. Perfect an amazingly tasty camping recipe
  70. Try “yoga in the park”
  71. Roll down a hill
  72. Serve yourself your favourite food, on “the good” china, with candles
  73. Try yodelling
  74. Swim in a lake, an ocean or other “wild” water, rather than a pool
  75. Go to an outdoor festival
  76. learn to fix your own leaky taps
  77. Do a charity walk/run or ride
  78. Try jetskiing
  79. Learn skateboarding
  80. Skip
  81. Take a class in sign language
  82. Go skinny dipping
  83. Walk in the rain
  84. Make up some of your favourite food from childhood…and yes…red jello with bananas, kraft dinner or tatertots *do* count
  85. Go berry picking somewhere wild
  86. Make one small,  healthy change per month
  87. Lie on your back and cloudwatch for an hour
  88. Sit on a beach and just…watch the water
  89. Carry a small notebook and pen with you everywhere
  90. Create a workable budget
  91. Declutter the closet/room/drawer/car that makes you nuts
  92. Go on a short road trip…bring snacks, drinks, a blankie…stay over night somewhere surprising
  93. Loan money through Kiva
  94. Learn a cool sleight of hand trick
  95. Build something neat
  96. Draw a mural on the sidewalk with chalk
  97. Take a roll of pennies and drop them in random places for “lucky penny people” to find
  98. Make yourself a blanket tent somewhere in the house, and sleep overnight in it
  99. Learn to make the ultimate paper airplane
  100. Blow some bubbles…soap bubble, chocolate milk bubbles…your choice

And, just for kicks we’ll add 101: comment on the blog and let us know what you’re up to!  :)

Love ya!



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