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Day 11 Own Your Issues

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Welcome to Day 11:  Another tricky one, but this may just be The Biggie when it comes to changing your life.  I warmed you up for a while with fun things, and tiny things…but this…this is huge.  If you *get* this, you’re on your way to changing your life for good, no matter *what* it is you need to change.

Own. Your. Issues.

We spend an awful lot of time blaming other people, blaming situations and occurrences for our *our* problems, don’t we?

We can’t exercise, because hubby won’t take the kids for an hour

We don’t have time to go back to school, because the kids won’t clean up after themselves

We can’t have healthy food in the house because nobody will eat it…

The list goes on.  We constantly blame outside forces for the the things that happen to us. But here’s the problem:

Sh!t happens.  It happens to everyone.  And it doesn’t matter how holy you are, or how well you’ve grasped the law of attraction, or how good you’re in with the Universe.  Sh!t happens.  The difference between people who manage to come out on top of that…ummmm….sh!t, and the people who end up being crushed by it,  (Ewww…this is such a gross analogy.  But you get what I’m trying to say, right?)…is their reaction to it.

That’s it.  Your reaction to the sh!t life hands you is the only thing standing in your way.  Read that again.

Your Reaction.

So…let’s change the sh!t to lemons…since that whole turn lemons into lemonade thing works too…

So…you’re walking down the street, and a huge pile of lemons appears magically in front of you and blacks your path.  That’s the “Incident”.

Could have happened to anyone.  We can argue that you “drew that event to you”, (LOA) or that God put it there to test you, (Most religions), or that you burned down a lemon orchard in a past life (Karma).  It’s all kind of irrelevant, isn’t it?  The important question is…how are you going to handle it.

You could:

Throw yourself on the ground in anguish and ask anyone who can hear you why bad things *always* happen to you, or,

You can sit down with your back to the lemons.  If you can’t see them…they’re not there…right? Or:

You can turn around and bolt in the other direction…they can’t catch up to you, right?  OR

You could race out for some sugar and water and make lemonade.  OR

You could climb *over* the lemons, OR

You can just move those lemons, one tiny lemon at a time, until a path is clear…

Are you getting the drift?

Lemons?  They’re going to happen.  That’s life. But blaming the  lemons for your issues?  It just isn’t going to work.

You can’t change the fact that those lemons were put in your path. The only thing you *can* change, is how you deal with them.  And *that’s all up to you*.  “Own” those lemons.  Make them yours.  Because when they’re yours, you can start working on what to do about them.

Simply put…

The Issue + Your Reaction = Your Result

Lemons + Anguish = No forward movement

Lemons + Denial = No forward movement

Lemons  + Fear = No forward Movement

Lemons  + Sugar and water = lemonade…plus, you might make a bit of cash and eventually the lemons will be out of your way

Lemons  + A good climb =  you’re on the other side

Lemons + Perseverance = You’ve moved that giant pile of lemons one step at a time.

The lemons remain the same…your reaction is what changed.

Ya dig?

Your task(s) for today?

1)  Write down an issue you’re dealing with right now that leaves you feeling stuck, and see if you can see where your reaction to that issue is holding you back.

2)  Brainstorm 25 solutions you haven’t tried yet.  Get serious, get silly, get ridiculous.   But get that list made.  :)

See you tomorrow, Moxies!!



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