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Day 2: Taking Stock

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Hey there Moxies, welcome to Day 2 of the 90 Day Challenge.  Today’s song of the day is Ready To Go by Republica.Check it out over on the Facebook page, or pick up the mp3 on amazon.  :)
How are you feeling today?  A little excited?  Nervous?  Maybe a little disappointed that the challenge isn’t that hard?

Isn’t it?

Have you created your playlist yet?  Honestly.

Not judging…just, asking.

So, today the challenge is a little harder…

Today we’re going to take stock of our difficulties, and figure out where we need to make changes. I have a small exercise we can do, just in case you need a bit of help…but.  Before we get there…I want you to take a bit of a break…(I know…sneak into the bathroom and lock the door if you have to).  Take a deep breath, let your shoulder’s drop.  Soften your mouth, relax all the tiny muscles around your eyes…

Take a deep breath.

You know what?

You *know* what you need to work on, don’t you? You don’t need an excersize.  I mean…I’ll give you one, because that’s par and parcel of the whole “Challenge” thing, isn’t it?

But you know.  What do you need to change.  Sit with it for a little bit, don’t fret over it, just know that whatever it is…you can change it.  Now splash some water on your face, and keep the issue close for now.  All you need to do is acknowledge it for now.

Phew!  A little intense, isn’t it?

Annnnyway, back to the Challenge.  See…it isn’t unusual for that problem…that enormous elephant in the living room to slip in and out of your consciousness for a little while once you finally admit to yourself what it is.  You’ll acknowledge it, and then other problems will rush in to distract you.  I’m sure there’s some sciencey-brain chemistry reason for this, but I couldn’t tell you what it is.   I just know that it happens.

So, for now we’ll trick whatever that brain-thing is into relaxing a bit, by keeping it occupied with other things.  For now.  Trust me…that’s not the last you’ll be dealing with The Big One though.

But know this.  For all that the brain sets up blocks and denials and diversions and excuses…

You can trust yourself.  Really.  You *know* what your issues are.  Believe in yourself, and your ability to know what you need.


BUT!  :)

I promise a task, and by gum, you’ll get one.  And chances are, by filling in these blanks, you’ll start to get a better idea of some of the smaller problems that have been plaguing you.  That big one isn’t going to go away…but it *will* be easier to deal with if you managed to ditch a lot of your little ones along the way.


Day 2 of the 90 Day Challenge:  taking Stock

Fill in the blanks to the following questions.  Put it down on paper, think the answers in your head…heck…flag ‘em in semaphore.  The goal of the first few days of the challenge is to bring problems out into the open, while keeping your logical brain occupied.  When you’re done, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments here, or mosey over to the forums to talk about them there!

  1. The biggest thing that is missing in my life is__________________
  2. The thing that worries me the most is______________________
  3. I wish I had more____________________________________
  4. I wish I didn’t have___________________________________
  5. I would *love* to____________________________________
  6. I’d be thrilled if I never had to________________________again.
  7. I’ve always wanted to learn more about_____________________
  8. I never have enough time for____________________________
  9. Nobody ever helps me_________________________________
  10. I secretly love_______________________________________
  11. The last time I made food *specifically* because *I* like it was______
  12. The last time I went out alone, just for me was__________________
  13. The last time I asked for help was__________________________
  14. I can’t stop thinking about________________________________
  15. I would love to go to___________________________________

Okie Dokie…Get to ‘er.  it’s not a big list, and it won’t take you long.  Tomorrow we’ll be doing something fun again!  :)

Stay Peachy!



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