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Day 5: What are you worth?

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Oooooo…this is *such* a sticky one.  At least, it is for me.  Ugh.  I’m sorry.  But it’s a “Hafta Doit” day.  I swear…I put off even writing this post, because I have *huge* issues with this one.

What are you worth?  And who isn’t respecting that?  And why aren’t they respecting that.

You’re retreating, aren’t you?  I am, just writing it.  You know why?

Your worth is immeasurable.  On a logical plane, you know this.  But who isn’t respecting that?

Your kids?

Your spouse?

Your goldfish?

Could be…

But then we get to the “why” part.  WHY aren’t these people respecting your worth?

(Deep breath)

Because *you* don’t.

Still with me?

I hear it all the time:

“I’d love to exercise/write/sew/read /meditate/walk/hike/bike/swim/run/cook/adventure/knit/daydream/etc/etc/etc but after spending the day taking care of *everything* else, I’m exhausted”.

I get that.  Really I do. Heck…I think I say most of it.  Daily.  Except the cooking part.  I’m good without the cooking.

But, what. are. YOU. worth?

Are you worth 20 minutes of your time?  An hour?

*Find* the time for yourself.

I tried to figure this one out for a long time…after all…there’s a balance to be found.

Now I get up at stupid o’clock in the morning to get my runs in.  That works for me.  My health, my fitness, my spirit is worth getting up at that hour.  *I’m* worth the sacrifice of an hour’s sleep every day.

Notice I said *I* get up.  I don’t expect the kids, the hubby or the goldfish to get up for me, or with me.  *I* do it.  Because if I tried to wait until they spontaneously learned to speak passive aggressive eye-dagger language, I’d be too old to get out for that run.

We cannot expect others to respect our worth if we don’t set that worth up high to begin with.  And people won’t automatically start respecting our worth until we do.

So for today, start looking for ways to respect your worth.   Get up early, or sneak in some movement after everyone passes out for the night.  New moms…sneak that “luxury” shower in while the baby is napping.  Lunch hour is a great time for a walk, or for reading a novel that keeps getting interrupted.

You know what you need.  Start listening to the “little” voice in your head that tells you what needs to be done…and *make* the time to do it.

You’re worth it!

Love Beth




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