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Day 6: Learn Something *Amazing*

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Photo Courtesy of Eugeni Dodonov

Hello Moxies!  I’m so happy to see you back after the tricky day yesterday.  I think we’ll do so fun things for a few days now, just to keep things cool…

For Day 6, I want you to learn how to do something amazing.  I’m really not picky about what.  If you’re stuck for ideas, feel free to revisit Day 4:  100 Fun interesting and Relatively Easy to Complete Adventures for your Bucket List.

Some immediate ideas?  Learn a cool card or sleight of hand trick, how to make an “ocean plait”, (google it), or how to juggle, for starters.  I’m *finally* going to teach myself how to light a fire without matches or a lighter.  Eventually, even without a flint and tinder kit.  I’ve wanted to learn that *forever*, but never bothered.  Why?  It costs *nothing* but sweat and patience.  I have lots of both, thankfully.

So, Day 6:  Learn Something Amazing…and let us know in the comments what you’re going to learn!

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