Monday, September 27, 2021

The Captain

I’m Beth…and I’m embarking on what is turning out to be the coolest adventure of my life. What’s so cool? This is *my* adventure.

Here’s the thing:

The past 7(ish) years of my life haven’t been mine. They’ve belonged to my kiddos. Now granted…I don’t begrudge a second of my life as a parent…but the rather scary truth is…I’ve lost an awful lot of “me”, along the way. This site then, is the beginning of the reclaiming of myself.

This post? The first of a zillion posts. This posts? The first in a series of self fulfilling prophecies *so vast* that it makes my head spin.

And the coolest part?

They *very* coolest part?

I’m inviting you gals along with me. I’m laying it out for you. Every step I’ve taken to awesome-ize my life. All my (wicked) successes, and all my (epic) failures. And there have been many of both. trust me.

Wanna join me on this adventure? Wanna change your life in sixty thousand(ish) easy (and not so easy) steps? Let’s do it.

This is going to be *so* fun.