Monday, September 27, 2021

Day 12: Tiny Vexations

photo courtesy of Rok Lipnik

Good Morning Moxies!

Let’s talk about Tiny Vexations…shall we?

You know what they are…

  • They’re the fingerprints on the doorjam.
  • They’re the tiny dots of spaghetti sauce that mysteriously appeared on the ceiling.
  • They’re the slightly broken bottom steps that you keep tripping on.
  • They’re the really ugly throw rugs that you keep because, well, they’re just throw rugs.
  • They’re the things you “make do with”.
  • They’re tiny things that you could walk by every day for years, without actually, consciously realizing how much you hate them.

Are you getting the point?

The Big Things?  You notice them right away.  They usually go to pieces with a big bang.  Like when the car starts making that noise, or you reach into the fridge and you realize everything is warm.

The Big Things aren’t fun, and yes, they can cause a huge amount of stress, but you usually act on them quickly.  You find a way to get them taken care of.  It may be hard, it may be a bit painful, but you almost always address a Big Problem as soon as you encounter it.

Tiny Vexations are the little things that sneak under the radar.  They’re so small you barely notice them with a conscious mind…but they’re there…and they drive you slowly, sneakily crazy.

And the most insidious thing about Tiny Vexations?

They’re usually pretty easy, or cheap to fix.

Today I want you to be super-conscious of the Tiny Vexations that are stealing away your energy…as soon as you come across one (and you’ll know it when you see/hear/smell it), write it down on a “Vexation Elimination” checklist.

Just acknowledging a Tiny Vexation will take away a bit of it’s power over you.  Once you know about it, you can take the easy steps to eliminate it.

On my Vexation Elimination list today?

  • Wipe *those* fingerprints off the doorjam.  Seriously…why haven’t I just done it all ready?

What about you?  Are there any Tiny Vexations you could take care of today?  I promise you will feel *so* much more relaxed when they’re taken care of.

That’s it for today, Moxies!




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