Monday, September 27, 2021

Wanna Join the Crew?

If this page caught your eye, chances are you have information you’d like to offer your fellow Moxies.  We are always open to guest posts from women with a story to tell, a lesson to teach or an adventure to share.

Sound like your kind of thing?  Why not hit us with your idea and enjoy the chance to put your word out in from of 1000s of women world wide?

At this time we aren’t able to pay you for your contribution, however, we can offer:

  • An audience of like minded women worldwide that we at Choose Moxie are working hard to grow.
  • If you have a website, online store and/or a blog, you’ll have the chance to expand your audience.
  • We’ll promote your post over twitter and facebook.
  • Your article will have your name, bio and links to your website, blog and/or online store.  You also retain full rights to your writing photos.
  • All guest posters will have their name and stories listed on the Guest Posters Page.
  • If after a few guest posts, you and I decide you’re a good fit, there is a very real possibility of joining the Crew as a regular contributor.

Have an idea?  drop us a line at, and tell us about it!